Bing ads traffic partners

Recently we discovered something strange with our Bing search ads. A bing ads traffic partner named Inversemedia was generating traffic for our websites. However, the main traffic was generated on an ad group that targets a single very specific ‘exact match’ keyword. Inversemedia generated twice the amount of impressions compared to the Bing and Yahoo! Search Properties for this ad […]

A large sortable table with rotated column headers

Below an example of a large sortable table with rotated column headers. I also created a jsFiddle you can watch here. By rotating the headers you can add many more columns to the viewport while preserving readability. If you wish to implement something like this yourself there are a few things to consider: The table-layout needs to be fixed. This […]

Convert a SQL table to a JSON object and sort it

Want to convert a SQL table to a javascript object and sort it? This is one way to do this. First, create an array of objects. Each object represents one row. Create a key for the row index (starting at 0) and a key that contains an array of the column values. Now we have converted an SQL table to […]

AdsBot-Google does not respect robots.txt

I noticed something strange today. AdsBot does not respect robots.txt as you would expect. AdsBot ignores general rules set in the robots.txt file. So for example, if your robots.txt file looks something like this: You would expect the bot not to crawl any pages in the /javascript/ folder. However, AdsBot does crawl those pages. If you specifically name AdsBot in […]

Search text in files with ColdFusion and findstr

The code below is a simple example of how to use the windows built-in findstr tool. Findstr tool can be used to search for specific text patterns in files. It’s very similar to the grep command on Linux OS. The example below shows how to use findstr to search the IIS log files. More about the buitl-in findstr tool:

Add an index to a large table

Adding an index to a large table can cause problems if the table is heavily used. It may take a very long time and may even fail. The solution is quite simple. Create a new table based on the old table and add the index to the new table. Then copy all the data like this: If the table is […]

curl: an alternative for cfhttp

When I first started programming in ColdFusion I used the cfhttp tag quite a lot. However, the cfhttp does not have an insecure option. This means you have to install the website certificate for each website you wish to connect to. As far as I know, this cannot be automated. And btw installing a certificate in the ColdFusion truststore is […]

How to protect your coldfusion website against bad bots

Jump to the code Recently one of our websites became almost completely unresponsive. At first, we had no idea what was happening. Using Wireshark and looking at the IIS log files we noticed a huge amount of traffic coming from multiple ip’s all with the same User-Agent. The user agent contained the string 80Legs. We quickly discovered that 80legs is […]

Reducept: a VR-app for Chronic Pain patients

Reducept is a VR-app to treat pain. It is created by a Dutch company. The idea of the app is to make the brain less sensitive to pain. It does this by using combining different therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment therapy. You can also play Reducept ‘flat’ (2D) on your mobile phone too, so a VR-headset or VR […]