My experience with Dan Buglio

I was trying to find a therapist to help me understand the understand TMS or the mind-body syndrome better. On youtube, I found a guy named Dan Buglio. I really like him he had made a ton of video’s about TMS and he tries to help people deal with chronic pain.

In his videos, he explains how he has overcome 13 years of chronic pain. Why some stuff worked and why some stuff did not work.

Most (maybe all) of the information he provides is free of charge. However, you can book a 1-on-1 session with him, during a session he explains TMS and gives you pointers on how to deal with it. I called him and my personal experience was positive. He does come across a little different than in the videos. He does most of the talking and you have the opportunity to ask questions. He is not a trained ‘real’ therapist as far as I know. So If you are looking for somebody to talk to on a regular basis you may be better of trying to find somebody else.

I am really glad I found him on Youtube and hope he continues he affords to help people with chronic pain.

You can find Dan Buglio website here and his Youtube channel is here

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