Flatten any variable type in ColdFusion

I created a function that flattens different types of complex (nested) variables, like structures, arrays and queries. The function is based on the flattenStruct (https://cflib.org/udf/flattenStruct) UDF by Tom de Manincor. Below a simple example: https://cffiddle.org/app/file?filepath=080b6a18-4dd3-4358-b504-05397e085fc6/e6fbab74-7eb8-4b23-aa66-907ce1c7df78/ab358cc3-f8d8-4463-b124-790c509aef5c.cfm

Search text in files with ColdFusion and findstr

The code below is a simple example of how to use the windows built-in findstr tool. Findstr tool can be used to search for specific text patterns in files. It’s very similar to the grep command on Linux OS. The example below shows how to use findstr to search the IIS log files. More about the buitl-in findstr tool: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/findstr

curl: an alternative for cfhttp

When I first started programming in ColdFusion I used the cfhttp tag quite a lot. However, the cfhttp does not have an insecure option. This means you have to install the website certificate for each website you wish to connect to. As far as I know, this cannot be automated. And btw installing a certificate in the ColdFusion truststore is […]

How to protect your coldfusion website against bad bots

Jump to the code Recently one of our websites became almost completely unresponsive. At first, we had no idea what was happening. Using Wireshark and looking at the IIS log files we noticed a huge amount of traffic coming from multiple ip’s all with the same User-Agent. The user agent contained the string 80Legs. We quickly discovered that 80legs is […]