A better google experience

In the old days google was ‘just’ a very good search engine. Nowadays it is moving away from it’s initial goal to provide the best search experience. On an average query you will get ads, newsreports, videos, maps, related queries all making it harder to look at what you were actually trying to find. Using tampermonkey (a browser plugin to […]

How many people block your analytics tracking code?

Analyzing our visitor’s behavior using (among others) Google Analytics (GA) is very important to us. We also use data from GA to provide to our customers. Hence it is very important that the data recorded in GA is accurate and complete. While analyzing the GA data we were missing data. We noticed some pageviews and events were not recorded. The […]

My experience with Dan Buglio

I was trying to find a therapist to help me understand the understand TMS or the mind-body syndrome better. On youtube, I found a guy named Dan Buglio. I really like him he had made a ton of video’s about TMS and he tries to help people deal with chronic pain. In his videos, he explains how he has overcome […]

Flatten any variable type in ColdFusion

I created a function that flattens different types of complex (nested) variables, like structures, arrays and queries. The function is based on the flattenStruct (https://cflib.org/udf/flattenStruct) UDF by Tom de Manincor. Below a simple example: https://cffiddle.org/app/file?filepath=080b6a18-4dd3-4358-b504-05397e085fc6/e6fbab74-7eb8-4b23-aa66-907ce1c7df78/ab358cc3-f8d8-4463-b124-790c509aef5c.cfm

Create ranges from an array or list in Javascript

Below a javascript, the function creates logical ranges from an array of integers. I use this script to create filters. The function accepts 4 parameters: array : an array of integers. E.g. [1,50,20,10,23,78] range : Integer. Range of the groups. E.g. 10 return groups of 10: 10,20,30 etc. 100 returns groups of 100: 100,200,300 etc. Any integer is possible divider […]